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Kick your Passion or Career into high gear...

Frustrated with the lack of photographic educational opportunities and pseudo-workshops available today? So are we. We've created a series of different educational concepts to fill the needs of both Professional Photographers as well as everyday Photo Bugs at multiple levels (amateur/hobbyist). Professionals can now take part of our exclusive, privileged mentor program that caters to every aspect of running a successful photography business. Amateurs can learn all the basics necessary to exponentially improve their photography. The Amateur course studies all the elements of your camera and it's potential, but expaining everything in common sense plain English. If you are an advanced amateur, there is a course for you too! The Indermediate course will push the limits of understanding what you already know, as well as learning some new advanced theory and techniques.

Professionals have the opportunity to be part of an intensive 7 day (non consecutive), complete mentor series. Professional photographers looking to refine, redefine, and expand their business and their passion for photography will follow Jerome along in through multiple aspects of everything photography related. Learn to shoot it right the first time, edit in a 1/4 time you are used to, impress your clients with your presentation, increase the quality of your work, and spend more time gaining your life back. Unprecedented access to all things photographic and educate yourself on levels you can only get from years of training, trial and error.

Jerome and Jennifer Braga

What we will cover for the Professionals

  • Scheduling, Communication, ShootQ
  • Photoshop, Lightroom, Photomechanic
  • Shooting, Posing, Flow Posing, Efficiency, Lighting
  • Editing, Automation, Systemization
  • Album Design, Actions, Shortcuts
  • Backing Up, Protection, Organization
  • Facebook, Web Theory, Marketing
  • Favorite restaurants in Middletown, CT

What we will cover for the Amateurs

  • Camera Settings, Buttons, Functions
  • Depth of Field, Composition
  • Seeing and Using the Best Light
  • Sorting, Saving, Light Editing
  • Shutter, Aperture, Exposure
  • Archives of Recorded Web Classes

Where to find us?

t. 866.913.1923

Look for us also on all the social media channels